100 % fun at Wakala in Bellewaerde05 March 2021

After a successful collaboration for the leopard cages and the Dawson Duel Alpine Coaster, Bellewaerde knocked on our door again for the construction of their new family coaster Wakala.

The new attraction’s track will be tailor-made for Bellewaerde. Numerous local companies are involved in the construction of the attraction, including our company.

A wink to the Native tribes of Western Canada

The brand new family coaster is a reference to an old legend of Native Canadian belonging to the Kwakiutl tribes. The new attraction is located in the Canada-zone in the park. Visitors will be able to discover this new family attraction from spring 2020 onwards.

The name Wakala is a nod to the Kwakiutl culture of the Native Canadians. These Native tribes live in the forests and along the waterfront in Western Canada, with their canoes being the main means of transport. They are the main source of inspiration for the attraction’s theme and will recur in numerous elements such as the trains and the entrance zone, and they are perfectly in line with the Canada-zone of the park.

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